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Wow great review! I love the Venture Bros., it's one of two TV shows I faithfully watch! I I hope the Monarch doesn't die, they showed him getting attacked by Hank and Dean zombies, and also in what appears to be a coma with Dr. Mrs. The Monarch over him. And the way this episode went, she might start to, at the very least, recognize 21's attraction to her, and what with the Monarch starting to realize his own mortality here, things might getting interesting! And the Venture brothers. Hanks is hands down my favorite character there, I can really relate to him (to a certain extent.) But now they stumbled on their "previous carnation" bodies, and they may start to get wise! That's something I'm looking foward to, as well as them graduating, and moving out on their own! And Pete White, and Master Billy, with those snazzy rides, wow. They might get into the super scientist gig yet! Better late than never! I wonder if they will live with Dr.Venture or, if they get their own supervillan! And Triana and Orpheus! I wonder if there's even a slim chance of Dean and Triana getting together, and if Triana will be as powerful as her father. I wonder if she'll join her friend and be a supervillan? I wonder how her studing will go, and it's going to be amazing.
This is why I like Venture Bros. so much, DEVELOPING STORYLINE! That's what american cartoons need, though I understand why so many don't use it to certain extent. I CAN'T WAIT!

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