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House Review: En Garde

Hi Shane! It took a friend to point out to me yesterday that I had missed your point COMPLETELY! So I wanted to come here and apologize and say that I agree with you now that I have reread it. I don't know how I missed it but I read it quickly and missed a few important things apparently. I thought you were attacking those of us who were upset that every episode was NOT as good as it once was and that we were throwing the tantrum LOL. Lots of folks have come out and blasted those of us who dislike the recent eps because they think it's all about Cuddy but for me it's not. Yeah I think her being gone really negatively impacts the show but they could still write a good show without her and they haven't done it yet. I have read posts by people who believe every episode this season has been great and I have to shake my head in wonder. The last time I "salivated" over a season was probably Season 5. By that I mean I could NOT wait to tune in to the next episode. Season 6 I really enjoyed aside from the Lucas thing which made no sense to me (Cuddy with Lucas? Seriously) and Season 7 had me tuning in because I'd been a fan of the House-Cuddy duo (even before their romantic relationship) and hoped it would still be full of angst, arguments, banter, and fireworks just like in the old days. In S7 I'd hoped they would have approached the relationship intelligently and made it part of the story's background. But no, it was made the focus of nearly every episode and after all those years of buildup it was simply used as a device to blow the relationship sky high and as Yaitanes calls it, KABOOM! Seriously? What were they smoking that day? I really do apologize for not reading your comment more carefully, you are exactly on spot with your remarks! Jess

House Review: En Garde

With all due respect Shane, I don't think anyone is having a tantrum. Maybe we're spoiled because TPTB made us that way! We've had such greatness for so long, it just seems weird NOT to have it. No need to resort to labeling or putting us in groups here. We do all have something in common....we LOVE the show. It's just that well...put it this way, we've seen better. We aren't the ones who set the bar high....TPTB did that by giving us an amazing show with amazing characters and stories. Given what we've seen them do in the past why should we expect any less now?

House Review: En Garde

Arrggh this episode was so frustrating. I felt nothing watching this episode. I like Vincent Spano but the POTW case did nothing for me. I did laugh three times in this episode. Once when Park was getting picked on in the beginning, then again with Wilson getting caught in House's net, then with House being locked in his bathroom. Usually the POTW story and House's personal subplot seem to mirror but I found absolutely zero connection this episode which seemed odd. The whole discussion of paranoia and guns in the cafeteria with Wilson and House was fine but then the whole "You have a gun" - "No I don't" seemed out of place and forced in there as a plot device to bring about the final scene with House in his closet. It's really annoying that nothing seems to be building on anything else this season, everything seems to be "stand alone" there's no growth or character development here. I know Lisa gave several possibilities of what the sword could mean but honestly, from the look on House's face, it almost seems to be that the sword and gun brought back feelings of regret for House. Regret for what? His father? Cuddy? Both? How about things never said, never done. (We never realize until it's too late what we really have do we?) House may very well feel regret for the relationship he never had with his dad. It's possible House had some great moments with his dad sporadically in his childhood and he feels conflicted as he gets older. It could be the older he gets and the closer he seems to get to his own mortality, he needs to feel the connection he never had with his dad and it pains him that he can't. He may damn well love his dad and hate him at the same time. There could also be some anger and resentment perhaps related to a feeling of being cheated out of having a real father and not really knowing his biological father. House is a man who likes puzzles, he wants to know how and why things happen. And the one puzzle he really hasn't solved is his OWN puzzle. He's never really figured out WHO he really is and WHY. Also, House may have regrets (given their 20+ year relationship, it would be impossible for him NOT to have regrets) for the what he never said/shared/did with Cuddy.(I bring up Cuddy because it was the sword he used with Cuddy in "Now What?" and may have been the last time he's even touched it which could trigger memories of one of the happiest weekends in his life). House may regret that his screwed up upbringing (including daddy issues) led to his inability to get close to Cuddy and really communicate his feelings to her (essentially letting her "in") caused him to ruin his one chance happiness. Remember he feels HE screwed it up as evidenced by telling her "it wasn't your fault" in "Moving On". The problem is folks, we are playing a guessing game here because really we don't know WHAT House is feeling because we're getting very little real insight into his character. I learned more about Gregory House in the first few eps of Season 1 than I have learned about him so far this season. I will say this in closing, the lyrics to the song "Waking Life" used at the end were really appropriate for House. Sad and appropriate and it (plus his facial expressions) at least gives us some hint that House is hurting. Part of it goes: "There's an anchor that's pulling on my heart
And it's deep int he water but it can't take me down.
Tracin' faces with fingers and we're just the same as we were,
Just our eyes never found what I see now,
That my feet are on the ground. Cause I'm not lost, just looking for footprints.
I'm taking it, one step at a time and I'm getting by. By the way,
It's you on my mind,
It's you on my mind.
And here comes the night pulling puppet strings on my heart again,
Shows me all of this time I've been blind to this waking life.
Now I see it everywhere." I found those lyrics so perfect for House. Hugh conveys with facial expressions what House can never convey in words. His eyes, his face, say a million things his character can never speak. It's one of the reasons I just love this man, he's just amazing. All in all, I'm really disappointed in this lack of development from TPTB. They can do better. Why they won't is beyond me. It's their responsibility to give us the "what" and the actors give us the "how". Hugh never lacks in the latter but TPTB's "what" just sucks. :(