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Fringe Round Table: Debut Edition

We know from interviews with the producers and john noble that there will be communication between the two worlds by the end of the season. They also said that the news of the birth of PBjr will also reach our side by the end of the season but not necessarily to Peter. My guess is that the dna card will be sent to our side and it is NINA who gets it but doesnt disclose the info.

Fringe Review: "Immortality"

I totally agree about Frank and I really hope they bring him back. he's too good to lose. Maybe a Blue Frank? I loved this episode and find the alt world very compelling, almost more interesting than our world. The problem however, is that the cast and producers have said that they are striving towards making the audience feel divided and torn over which universe will survive. Thats fine for the casual viewer (and reall, does Fringe even have casual viewers?) but for the fans its nonsensical. We will never root for the alt-universe. Olivia is our girl, we've known her for 2.5 years, why would we want peter to choose BOlivia? Please, fringe, dont break my heart. Or dont make me feel guilty if he does choose ourlivia.