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Rookie Blue Review: Spreading the Misery

The bomb was set by the commissioner to destroy evidence that he was dirty, he also killed McDonald.


I reread the book recently due to the show, and I'm very glad I did and WOW, what a adaptation. I think it would have to be one of the best I have ever seen. The very few minor changes made perfect sense to help establish the characters and story. I'm on tender hooks to see how they go on from here and deal with the obstacles Jamie and Claire face.

Teen Wolf Review: A Hale of a Day

McCall Snr doesn't know about Scott and Co as yet, he was relaying a msg from Melissa, that's all.
Insurance doesn't always cover the bills and as I recall, it was a voluntary stay, which could mean it wasn't covered. I have always taken it as the bulls weren't covered by their insurance.
This whole episode as designed to put Malia into a situation where she found out she was a Hale and no one told her. She knew they were keeping things from her, but not what. Go back and rewatch the scene where her and Kira where inline for the blood tests.
As for Lydia, who does she get her banshee genes from her mother or her father? that is what the photo will lea too, I wouldn't be surprised if Meredith is her cousin or something similar.

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