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2014 Emmys: Who Got Snubbed?

You left out Emmy Rossum of Shameless and Kate Mara of House of Cards.

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Cary is the only decent person on the entire show. The only one with even a modicum of integrity. I think he's going to start his own firm and bring Kalinda with him. It's going to be strange, I think. At least for me, because while Alicia is the protagonist, I often find myself rooting against her.
We, as viewers, are manipulated to want to see certain outcomes that I personally have no interest in seeing.
At the end of the day though, I enjoy the writing and characters (and performances) and I hope it's renewed.


C. Orlando, I liked your review, but TK made a block to take out TO (Minefield) and clear the way for the winning TD, not a tackle.

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