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Hawaii Five-0 Review: The Brothers McGarrett?

Henry Ian Cusick was the man who dropped his gun when you see the close up of the van after the firefight. He was the bloody face you saw just before McGarrett's chase. Speaking of that chase, the helicopter stunt was amazing. The scale and execution of that scene was movie worthy! I agree with @MaryEliza that I think the Wo Fat brothers idea we've all had and Steve has is a red herring. I recall Peter Lenkov saying that it's not going to be something that everyone has been expecting. I hope they aren't brothers, and I hope the writers have come up with a great twist to get around that idea.

NCIS: Los Angeles Review: Laughing is Good

There's a four month time jump because all shows have a real time four month time jump between season finale and season premiere. I don't think the two would be linked. I thought Deek's monologue with Kensi at the end was amazing, such a powerful moment. That was by far one of my favourite Deeks/Kensi scenes.


As much as this series could have continued successfully for a while longer, I fear this is the downfall for the series. It's a shame to see her go.

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