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Poker Face

I am already sick of the show for not letting Meredith be a doctor.. and Derek being such a jerk... Its time to do something else for a while. Meredith was once full of pride and fire... Let her show it... why is the ratings dipping because the writers need to get out of boring and get some imagination... let Meredith move on... maybe without Derek... marks free

Grey's Anatomy Review: Riding Solo

I thought Derek was terrible, besides once when her eyes were messed up she has been the best resident in the OR.. think about it she has never messed up there. So Derek was way out of line with his work thing. Derek is a tool and she should just send him packing back to the boonies.

Grey's Anatomy Review: So Long, Zola?

I hate Derek, Mark is free it would be way cool if Meredith left Derek for Mark. and will someone please drown April..

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