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Dare to Dair?

This was spooky because I was thinking of you earlier today when I was tormenting some obnoxious Liverpool fans at work 


I hope they didn’t bite you!


Robin Van Persie and a classic hat-trick and Manchester United 20th league title is a fact!

Robin second goal was a beauty - Right Jay? 


A hat trick by number 20 gave us number 20, that’s the joke around OT. The pass from Rooney was also perfect BTW.

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Dare to Dair?

"I want to make things that I would want to see -  things I'm interested in. [...] With all due respect, Gossip Girl was never one of those things."


Unfortunately, actors can become type casted, so he better make a series of decent movies, soon.


Crap Jay - 12 point lead, worried? :)


Not anymore, LOL! But as I have stated, I still haven’t recovered from the round of 16.

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Dare to Dair?

I know that there were a lot of movie buffs on this thread; Roger Ebert R.I.P.


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