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NCIS Review: Always Faithful

I'm afraid Annie921 is wrong-NCIS agents are by and large NOT civilians. SO Gibbs and Ziva would be allowed to do a special mission such as "Engaged" featured. As for Ziva-I'm sorry you don't get her, she was trained to have more abilities then most agents, Mosaud or NCIS. So of course compared to others she's more valuable in situations like this one. If you only want the "good old days", why don't you just stick with the reruns on USA? I miss Kate too, but she's gone-get used to real characters that change and grow.

NCIS Review: A Daughter is a Precious Thing

Excuse me, but some of Kate's behavior towards Tony was appropriate-he was a frat boy once too often in the first 2 seasons. And as shown in "A Man Walks Into A Bar", he learned a lot from Kate. Those of us who have followed NCIS from the beginning still miss Kate. That said, I like that Ziva administered a "head slap"-who says Gibbs didn't approve?
Much as I hate 2 parters-I look forward to the resolution next week.


Outstanding episode-complete with the unexpected "family" moment at the end-something Ziva needed after all the emotional ups/downs. Michael, the substance was the residue of explosives that the one son had concocted to blow up the ship Ziva and the family were on to revenge the death of his sister. Abby saves the day again!

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