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pty i think that's exactly what is gonna happen.

Gossip Girl Spoilers: Chair "Far From Over"

it's probably the same dair fan lol. so happy for chair and serenate

Gossip Girl Caption Contest 72

Dan: We are so boring.
O: What about a treesome with Vanessa?
D: even more boring

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Episode 4.09 - Witches Of Bushwick - Promotional Photos (Spoilers)

I really dont see how giving chair or Chuck Bass less screentime would help the show. When you see the comments on twitter or tumblr about gg you see that like 90% of the comments are about chair. And Chuck is a very popular and well liked character. He was the only gg's character who was a top trending for almost a day. And look what happened in S2 when chair didnt interact for 3 episodes in a row (2x16-18), the ratings suffered a huge drop. And S3 is like the worst season, chair was together but you didnt see much of them and the writers just changed the dynamic and the characters too much. Most people think it was the worst season. So, I really think chair is what keep people interested, check the reviews or what the media talks about gg, most of them say that chair is what they are interested.

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Kristin Spoilers: Chace video (Spoilers)

Serena is crazy. She's obviously been taking drugs lately.


so true

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The Chuck/Serena thread

they are my guilty pleasure too. i shipped them so hard in season 1 before chair happened

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