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Mad Men Season 6: Will Don Cheat?

i love love madmen and im afraid im going to miss it i have dish ;-( and im stuck for another year from january 2013 in my contract.. i too love don draper.. and im hoping to see betty thin and hot again in season 6 and i would love to see Don catch betty from behind in a bikini or hot outfit and try to hit on her and then shocked when he realizes its her. I would love to see them two dance around the idea of hooking up but not actually doing it because of course they are both married, and for her to be totally irresistable to him through out the whole season and keep us fans in constant wanting and wrapped up in romance teasing us the whole season. Keep megan on of course but acting more, i cant stand peter so i dont care what he does this next season ... but would love to see kenny cosgrove move up and secure some accts. maybe partner??? roger is funny but he needs to stop LSD. I just cant wait til season 6 starts.. i hope dish gets amc back or im going to be hitting up friends to DVR it