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Will Jamie Lee Curtis Return to NCIS?

I didn't like the Dr Ryan character either she didn't suit Gibbs at all. And he was always wondering if she was keeping something from him or not telling the truth. Im not sure whether I disliked the character or JLC playing it that way. I'd rather not see her back tbh and definitely not as a regular it would spoil it for me.


I watched the season 9 finale last night - was literally horrified that ducky has what looked like a heart attack - I'm do glad he survives. The show is my absolute favourite thing on tv have always had a thing for Mark Harmon since St. Elsewhere. I must say he's brilliant as Gibbs. Love the whole cast and really pleased that Brian Dietzen is to be credited as a regular. Must say didn't much care for Jamie Lee Curtis playing Dr.Ryan a redhead would have been more believable. Cannot wait for Season 10!!

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