I am a huge fan of Gossip Girl for three reasons:

1. The Hot Guys- the best male cast on television

2. The Fashions- I not-so-secretly loooove Blair's headbands

3. Chuck+Blair= chemistry- it's worth sitting in front of the TV for an hour watching their romance.

Some things about me are:

1. I live in San Francisco with my father.

2. Besides having the biggest crush on Ed Westwick, I also love Johnny Depp. Blair is my favorite, and I think Little J should go to boarding school or something so that she would be off the show. Vanessa should also get lost on that hiking trip that she goes on with Nate, because, let's face it, she has less engaging parts than Serena. 

3. I love art, and I love to paint and draw.


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Gossip Girl Caption Contest 66

Cop off camera: Serena Van Der Woodsen, you are arrested for stealing, not washing your hair for a week, and wearing those hideous Ugg boots out in public. Sheesh, you're like a walking fashion disaster!


That picture has to be photoshopped... NO WAY is their skin that flawless!!!! They are just so perfect and beautiful together!!!!

Poppin' Corks

Wait a second, you know what I just realized? They look like they are dressed for a wedding... perhaps it is Lily's and Rufus' wedding??????!!!!!