Not much to say really, just I LOVE GOSSIP GIRL. THE GOOD THE BAD AND THE UGLY. I love to speculate about how it could be soooo much better. Ed and Leighton are the only reasons I keep coming back for more punishment :) I have been bitterly disappointed with the lack of Chair action, especially the  real sexiness they had in season 1 and 2. It has all seemed a little too contrived this season, but they have somewhat redeemed themselves in the second half of the season. I would LOVE if they would stop butchering the editing in season 4 PLEASE! ALLOW THE TWO MAIN LOVES OF GG, ED and LEIGHTON TO BE SEEN IN HOTTER AND LONGER SCENES AND THAT THEY BE ALLOWED TO EXERSICE THIER ACTING POTENTIAL. Love, love, love.     So "I am the crazy bitch around here" !!!!!!!!!!! That sure is some crazy shit! How to make something out of nothing. I wrote that thread as a joke, laughed at it a bit then forgot about it. Haters need to get a life. Life is too short to care that much about what other people say, think or feel. When you take this shit seriously the joke most certainly is on you.  If you don't understand existentialist humour, go look it up. Please feel free to read my profile and posts, but I am sure there is nothing here that you haven't seen elsewhere, nothing more, nothing less :))
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So TVF is Dair biased. I always knew!!!! Well that makes you representing the minority. No one who actually watched the show and followed the stories as they were shown thinks there is really a Dair v Chair debate, why are you trying to make one? Anyway Chair won that even before it started. That dalliance into the absurd was the biggest waist of time ever. We, who did NOT want a completely reinvented show want the main stories followed through to their ultimate conclusion AND IT LOOKS LIKE WE WILL GET IT.... "we had to do what we felt like the characters would do and what was right for the characters"....CHAIR!!! DB almost killed the show, It was a horrible mistake but just a minor diversion. CHAIR IS BACK on track and the ride looks like it will be a good one. If it is great all will be forgiven. If it is amazing then we will all want a S7!!! and that is a good way to end. Can't wait for tonight :)

Gossip Girl Spoilers: Chuck. Blair. Sex.

Anyone who doesn’t want WHAS stop being… GG was good b/c of its sex appeal, not because it was a gritty true to life docudrama. And who brought the sexiness? Namely Leighton and Ed, the others were not bad either LOL I also want love and romance and flowers and fairies, but what I REALLY want to watch on my TV is PASSION!!!!! If I want ’real’ real life I will watch a documentary. And I don’t care about anything else!!!! Nooooooo of course I do. I want brilliant writing, outstanding directing, amazing acting, beautiful filming, lighting, costumes etc, etc. But will I get it???? Maybe, maybe not!!!! What I do know is what Ed and Leighton can do is make those characters seem ‘alive’ and in love and lust. So I hold on to that, it is that which gives me my optimism and if they continue to do that I will ALWAYS LOVE THEM. This is what keeps my hope alive and why I will not turn my back on the show I love. I am a faithful lover….always


Oh and I just want to say Jeremy Sommer that is exactly what it was all about and I agree a little bit more about the 'mysteries'of the island would have madethings a bit more satisfying for everyone.

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