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Serena's leather shorts were hot as.


What theeee?! Of course Serena knows how to be an outsider... does NO ONE seem to remember when she first returned to Manhattan in Season 1? She was completely ostracised by Blair and her minions.. even Nate. And then when they found out she had slept with him, she was crushed by Blair.
And fucking whorebag Vanessa - no one went AFTER you, you fucking went AFTER THEM and they simply outwittED you; fucking fucktard. Someone KILL HER PLEASE I CAN'T BEAR TO LOOK AT HER ANYMORE!

Taylor Momsen Covers Revolver

Ugh I don't even...
just ugh.
Why is she alive again? Or better yet.. why do I even care?!

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This ridiculous piece of shit.


People are spending way too much effort whinging and complaining about the finale. I stopped caring after Season 3's finale - that was a royal piece of fuckery - at least this finale was a nice parallel to season 1, and it didn't seem too contrived (maybe the Dair storyline was a bit bent out of shape to try and fit the mould of the episode structure, and I feel sorry for Dair fans who feel cheated) - but I think the writers have a goal/plan in mind which requires one to look at things more holistically. And tbh, as screwed up as Chuck and Blair's relationship is (I thought the casino scene was unnecessary..if the episode had ended with the Blair and Eleanour in Paris scene, it would have been much better), I don't think it's as 'out of this world' as people on here seem to think it is (obviously highly dramatised for television). I have a few friends who keep going back to the same dickheads (or different dickheads who essentially treat them the same way in the end) because the way they feel when they are treated right by these dickheads seems to justify all the hurt and pain they are put through in waiting for those moments. Eh. It's a weird mentality, but some girls just can't help it.

Anyways, I thought Bart was bloody awesome - especially when he revealed the ring was a 'test'. I was laughing at Chuck's facial expressions. Season 1 Chuck was the best, and I hope Bart brings out that Chuck in season 6.

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Did anyone else notice the subtle reference to her in the most recent episode? When Blair was like "I'm not like Vanessa whutsherface" hahaha made me laugh :D

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What the hell.WHY??

Still, a calendar is sold all over the world.


Hmm perhaps we should not assume that the OP is following a Gregorian, and therefore Christian calendar, (or Western calendar - the one you would be most familiar with) , based purely on the fact they claim to not be from a "Christian" country. We can assume that they would either be following a Chinese or perhaps an Islamic calendar, where the dates (such as New Years etc) tend to differ. Let us not be so quick to judge.
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