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Already only semi-likable, the character of Sam this season is barely watchable. And I love this show! Ackles' Dean has been the backbone of Supernatural from the start, and although both actors have grown, Ackles started with more acting chops than Padaleski has yet to obtain, although he has really improved over the years. So in that respect, I guess I understand the lean toward his blase 'tude. Easier. Anyway. Sam's "I've moved on" (yet again...) bent is tired, and I was really hoping for at least a bit ... more for the character this season. Dean is over-involved, hung up for sure, but come on, Sam writers. I've seen plants with more emotion, and prima donna divas with less "It's all about me" - again crap. Perhaps Dean will sort of adopt the new kid, Kevin, and let Sam go live with his dog in his cabin in Hermit Hill.
Lol in fact, at this point, I'm rooting for that to happen.

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