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Vanessa: "Oh My God, they actually hate me...I can't believe I promise to CW that I 'll look like I care, haters can kiss my as*!"


There's nothing coming up folks. This is all made up by CW, it's a backup plan to increase the poor ratings.

Happy Birthday, Penn Badgley!

Happy B-day, Penn!

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Vampire Diaries

People, I'm sure there's a Vampire Diaries fansite like gossipgirlinsider. Why don't you go and discuss there?

I love TVD too and i gotta say if they keep it that interesting the whole season, it may become CW's number 1 show. But come on this site is dedicated to GG, right?

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Gossip Girl is NOT going to be cancelled.


Gossip Girl is nooooooooooooo way getting more ratings than the vampire diaries and House. It's just that according to CW ratings standards, GG is safer than TVD. It makes sense, GG is CW pennant while other shows like 90210 and Melrose Place are less than average. 

As I'm reading this chart, HOUSE is actually the safest show on TV right now! Which definitely makes sense since it was n°1 show last season.


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Dair fans, why do you prefer them over Chair?


If those things happen in a lot of shows, it's just because that is how it works. To make it last up to 6 seasons , the creators have to play musical chairs. You know, on Friends, the producers tried Rachel and Chandler as a couple but they knew it would have failed from the start, instead they put Monica and that was a major success, who knew? On the other hand, they tried Joey and Rachel and it didn't work (even 5 years later, i still hate this sh*t)

 i think both caracters would need to change a lot for the relatiosnhip work :

Exactly! How challenging would be for both characters? How exciting for the writers to depict Chuck plots of revenge, Serena! Jenny! This just sounds like WW3!

you said you ship chair too, who do you  want to be endgame?

Chair is already endgame, dear. They're saying I love you in EVERY episode. They're rich and in love, that's normally when they said "The end" in fairytale isn't it? What more to expect except a wedding at The Plazza? As I said earlier, if CW plans to stop the show after season 4, then just let CHAIR enjoy their love. But If they're willing to reach a sixth season, they gotta add some challenge in there.

Overall I'm rooting for the show, I really want it to run as long as possible but they can't improve the ratings with a drama-free show.

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