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Oh I took it as more that Mona wasn't simply going to tell her one way or the other whether or not it was Bethany.


Yes but it seems like Bethany is the one the other dress was bought for and Ali and Bethany can't be twins because Bethany was older than the girls. She is most likely an older sister or cousin.
I was really disappointed with this episode. I know that all the holiday specials are meant to be fillers but I was really hoping for something more than this. The revelation about the note proving Ali knew Bethany before Labor Day wasn't exciting. It is interesting though that Ali gave her the yellow top that she was wearing that night so my question is, was Ali just trying to do the twin thing like she did with Cece or was she trying to use Bethany to help fake her own death?
This episode did make me excited for the rest of the season though. I love the idea of all the Liars and their SOs finally working together and getting Lucas in the mix too. They really are an army now and they stand a good chance against A.
The Holbrook revelation I am pleased about. I have been hoping since "A is for Answers" when he knew it was her on the phone at the theatre yet never told anyone about it, that it would come out that they have history. I am definitely thinking beach hottie.

Revenge Season 4 Episode 10 Review: Atonement

I dealt with it when Aiden got killed off because it was being used to move the story forward and give Emily something else to hate Victoria for once David was going to be revealed as alive. Daniel dying, I am not going to get past. There was absolutely no reason for it. They killed him to shock the audience because no one thought they would kill one of the few people left from season 1. Killing Margeaux, in my opinion, would have had much more interesting effect. All season it seemed like Daniel and Emily were getting closer and closer and if Margeaux died as a direct result of one of Victoria's schemes, especially after she was revealed to be pregnant, it would have been the last push Daniel needed to join forces with Emily to bring her down. Yes how nice they redeemed him before he died but that is cheap. They redeemed him without ever having to deal with the implications of his redemption. I am glad that Emily admitted to him that it wasn't all a lie, not with him. That was something she needed to do. He deserved to know she really loved him. Emily and Daniel should have been end game and now we are going to be stuck with boring Emily and Jack. And worst of all they got rid of one of the most interesting characters on this show. This is what happens when writers would rather shock audiences than write a compelling story.