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Pretty Little Liars Review: Fatal Games

Wow you know what i wouldn't usually feed the troll but i will make an exception for you because i am going to assume you are the one who posted almost the same exact comment on my comment from last week.
1. You do realize the tv show is based on a book series who has revealed A multiple times and still manages to continue to write new books correct? Yes I would love for them to reveal A because I think there are more places they could go with the story. It has been implied multiple times on the show that there were multiple teams with multiple leaders. No one is saying you have to reveal all right now but you can't wait until the final episode of the show to reveal A and expect it to be a satisfying ending. What are they going to do, reveal it in the last 10 minutes of the series and then just spit out the motive and call it a wrap. I don't know many people who want to see it done that way.
2. Yes I am going to complain about more mysteries on a mystery show that still has two seasons left when they haven't answered 90% of the current mysteries on the show, including those that date back to season 1. You have to give answers every now and then otherwise it isn't really a mystery show anymore. Are they going to wait until season 7 of the show to give answers from season 1? If that is the case what is the point of having watched all 7 seasons? The reason they don't answer the mysteries is because they don't even know half the answers themselves yet. Sasha has said in interviews that the writers hadn't decided whether or not she would be alive or have a twin until some time into the series. That is something that should have been decided day 1. It is a significant part of the story. All the huge mysteries, especially those that originate in season 1, should have been decided before the show aired that way they are leaving accurate clues so that it is possible for fans to actually take part in the mystery too.
So yes call me an idiot child (which fyi i am not a child) because I want the writers to work hard for that money they are making. They must be happy to have people like you who are happy with mediocre storytelling. And I hope you realize that this is a place to comment on the show and discuss it with other fans rather than tear other people down.


Given Emily's enthusiasm for Christmas, do you expect the events to cloud her enjoyment of the holiday? I think Emily will be the one to rally the liars. They have all been through so much and Mona's death is definitely going to be weighing heavily on all of them when Christmas rolls around, especially on Hanna. I feel like we can trust Emily and her insane enthusiasm for Christmas, to really help the girls forget, maybe if only for a minute or two, that they do have things to be thankful for and celebrate. On a different note though, something dawned on me the other day. We have seen no other character even mentioning Christmas, and it was only Thanksgiving during the finale, so there was plenty of time to be decorating for it, so it is a coincidence that A seems to love Thanksgiving too? I had heard that there was supposed to be a huge clue to fans during the finale on who A was and the only possibilities in my mind are the blonde hair (but that could have been a wig), the snow globe (a possible Jenna clue), or the fact that A seems to love Christmas just as much as Emily. Oh and the liars not being dressed for November Pennsylvania weather? No surprise their. The liars never dress for the weather and they are always dressed for different whether conditions. One will be wearing a dress or skirt, one will be wearing a sweater and jacket, always just fascinates me. But I will say, I live in New England and sometimes in November it isn't frigid cold so long sleeves and a light jacket could do. What do you think of Officer Toby? I completely understand that we are given absolutely no sense of time on this show, but really, he finished the police academy in like 3 episodes? That is crazy even by Pretty Little Liars standards. However, it does explain the total lack of competence in the Rosewood Police Department. What do you expect from people who became cops after a month tops. All that aside though I think Officer Toby is going to be a great thing for the Liars. With Calebs tech skills, Toby's inside access and Ezra's stalking ability the men of PLL are going to be a force to be reckoned with. How did everyone like the little false suspense over whether or not Toby was going to die? I don't think anyone thought for even a second he would be the one to. Maybe if the accident had happened in the last minute and we hadn't gotten the trunk scene of Mona's body so we didn't know for sure she died then it would have been super suspenseful because everyone would have been trying to guess if Mona faked or death and Toby died in the accident or if Toby lived and Mona really died. Made for a super comedic scene though getting to see Tobster in a full blown leg cast and then looking like he was going to throw himself out of the wheelchair when Spencer got arrested. Share your thoughts on Spencer's arrest. 10000000000000000% ridiculous. The police had no concrete evidence to link her to Bethany's murder. There whole entire reasoning hinged on the fact that ALISON wanted her dead, yet they clear her with a simple polygraph. The polygraph can be tricked. Alison specifically says "I had nothing to do with Bethany Young's DEATH", death being the key word. Melissa is the one who killed Bethany as she died from being buried alive. So even if Alison was the one who hit her over the head she didn't have anything to do with her death technically. The fact that the cops didn't go into specific questioning makes me believe that Holbrook is the infamous Beach Hottie and was protecting Alison, and that is why he didn't wait for Tanner to show up. Ever since the finale of last season I thought it was strange that he recognized her voice, and a fan of my PLL Facebook page brought up to me that it was really strange that Holbrook never mentioned the fact that he spoke with Alison on the phone, when he called the theater that Shana was killed in. Plus then he goes over to her house later, again without Tanner and gets all cozy with her and we don't hear their conversation. Quite suspicious. Veronica Hastings is going to the rip the Rosewood PD a new one when she gets the chance. Mona deduced that Ali was A just before she died. Do you agree?
I have seen sooooooo many people jumping on the Ali is A bandwagon but I for one do not buy it. It was stated in this episode multiple times that she is A yet when it comes the time for A to do some dirty work we don't get to see their face just blonde hair? By them saying she is A, if she really was that would be considered a reveal, so why hide her face if we supposedly found out she is A? Unless we see Ali in the hoodie confessing to being A I will never get behind her being A. Finally, Mona is gone. React! Idiots. Absolute idiots. PLL has killed off its share of characters but none of them as important, or as beloved as Mona Vanderwall. She may have been crazy, but she was driven there by the Queen B. No one was more complex than Mona, more interesting. She held so many secrets and probably held the keys to finding out who A really is, and then they take her from us. And to give her that death? That was a complete injustice to her character. The fact that I thought, and I know A LOT of other people thought this too, that she faked her death until they showed her body in the trunk, it didn't give me any time to mourn her death. The second they showed her body I was beyond upset but I didn't have time to process it before the episode was over. This episode should have been the beginning of a great new partnership between Mona and the liars. Just disappointed.

Pretty Little Liars Review: Fatal Games

Yeah trust me I have to talk myself into sticking with it sometimes and that is mostly because of them and their stupidity with how they run the show. There are many other shows on television that are centered around mystery that dont have writers and show runners who go around spouting out blatant lies instead of just giving vague answers. Just because you are asked a question in an interview doesn't mean you have to give a specific answer. There are ways to avoid really answering a question but no they feel the need to answer it with a flat out lie. I have invested too much time in this show not to stick it out at this point but god knows I will think about it 10000 more times before the show is over. Plus it is hard because I want to act excited about the show for the sake of fans of my page but it has gotten harder and harder

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Ezra and Travis Theory

I definitely don't think at this point that Ezra is involved with A. When the summer finale first happened I was really hoping that that is where they were taking his character but idk if that was never their intention or if they backed out and changed his role after Ezria fans got pissed like what happened with Toby. All the clues fans have seen since the earlier seasons could still be pointing to him being a shady character but we need to consider the fact that since the reveal in 4x12 we have never seen him do anything that is DEFINITELY an A action. In last nights episode ("Love ShAck BAby") yes we see him ransack Hanna's room (so I think we know for sure that it was his lair in 4x12 or someone who he is involved with seeing as he was so interested in the diary) but once someone shows up at the cabin the face is never show despite the fact that Ezra was shown doing creepy things the whole episode. If that was him at the cabin he would have been shown for sure. Now that doesn't necessarily mean he wasn't involved with the diary getting stolen because that person easily could have been working with him. If that is the case then I believe that person is Travis. Emily's car was tampered with, Travis works for a garage, this caused Hanna to call Travis giving Travis a reason to be there. Travis told Hanna it was going to take him 2 hrs to get there yet the girls probably walked for 30 min tops and weren't at the cabin long then Travis magically shows up right after someone came in to steal the diary. Now we saw Ezra start messing around on Hanna's computer shortly before the car breaks down which doesn't confirm that he did it but it also can't be proven that he definitely didn't at this point. If in fact the A team were the ones who stole the diary I still believe that the person who did it was Travis. So in summary I think Travis is involved whether it be with Ezra or the A team idk yet but he is definitely involved with one in my opinion. What do you guys think??

Check out my blog have a few other theories on there. Feel free to comment what you think of them and let me know your own!


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