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Katherine? Seriously guys, Katherine? You gotta be kidding me.
The mere choice of words--hot hybrid sex, which is what Caroline first said--tells you it will be her. Plus, there's Joseph's tweet about getting physical which was confirmed to be Klaroline scene.


Only Elena Gilbert can come up with this much stupid plan. But Jeremy? I thought he was smarter.

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This ep was so lame. Most of the time I couldn't choose between LOLing and facepalming. Predictable. Boring. 

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That vampire hunter curse(lol, i know)

Yeah, I feel like that curse was totally random just to make it sound like darling Elena went through hell...


But what if it works the other way, not just like person's conscience? They always portray Elena as someone with compassion as her most obvious trait, so what if that hunter's curse works like that? It goes after something that affects you the most.

In Klaus' case, maybe the hunters he saw told him he's unworthy, he'll always be alone etc. Things Klaus doesn't like hearing.

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4x13 Thread

I'm still LOLing about Atticus. Like seriously?

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