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Homeland Review: Throwing Your Life Away

In regards to Quinn…and I know it's a long shot because Homeland throws a curve ball everytime you think you've figured it out…I think he's the mole. He supervised the whole surveillance on Brody, gave Carrie enough room to feel in charge and uncover all of the events that led to the bomb at Langley. If Quinn had shot Brody, he wouldn't have been on the manifest and the car bomb being by him and the tape being released couldn't have worked…Brody needed to be around. Also, I am really interested to see how Saul and Carrie try to hunt down this new terrorist introduced on the tape played after Brody's. They both know Brody's suicide tape was for over a year ago, but admiting that means admiting to the president, new vice and public that they knew Brody was a terrorist at one point, but used him as bate for Nazir, which was a big part of setting up the scene for the bombing. Either way, I thought bringing the tape back was a great move - I honestly thought its sole purpose was to prove that Carrie wasn't insane, and then it was brought back in the best fashion. Also I really now think Brody was never a big player in Nazirs plot, and that he was a pawn to be maneuvered for the bigger plan. I now also question if Nazir was always fully in charge. Plausible or not, the show does have some fantastic twists, supported by brilliant acting. Mandy Patinkin is possibly the most under rated actor on the show, and it will be great to see him in a bigger role next season