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I love gossip girl. HUGE FAN!


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It's a good move on the writers' part, having a scheming character like Jenny come into play when Blair is otherwise occupied with the whole Chuck situation. HOWEVER Little J is really getting on my nerves! Nate wouldn't even be looking at Jenny if he's with Serena. Also please can Taylor Momsen switch back to season 1 hair (aka pre-raccoon phase) she's stunning but the new hair isn't as nice. She was gorgeous with the old hair.

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I'm so excited. Can't wait to WTF (watch this fall!) haha

Gossip Girl Caption Contest 64

Chuck: It seems like Blair has finally come to her senses and sent Gossip Girl our sex tape.
Nate: But you're in my bedroom. Blair and I were going out then, Chuck.
Chuck: Yes... you're very perceptive Nathaniel.