I am Mom, Preschool Teacher, Friend and Daughter! I have been watching Greys since Season Two, and still to this day don't know how I missed Season One! All time favorite Episode is "Shake Ya Groove Thing!" What a classic Bailey Line....."Mind moving this tail wagon...Ya blocking me in!" LoL
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Meredith and the Chief need a good fight, to get everything out of their systems. It started this season when he was telling her she doesn't know anything and then the Jane doll. I think that they need to finally get out on the table and really talk about what happened.... I really hope that the half sibling doesn't come to play.


Please, no more Denny! LoL Maybe Sam will be making another Private Practice/Greys cross over? Bailey kinda like him!


I can't wait to see Owen "In Treatment". Izzy "the wedding planner". And the return of a storyline for George "yes I am the heart in the elevator guy"! LoL

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Dancing Derek

Has anyone seen the pictures for the 5.13 Derek is at Christina's door....Any Ideas?

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In what episode? (Episodes)

George : Season Two

Addison: Season Three

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what episode does that amazon river fish (Episodes)

Desire =)

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