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I agree that at this point we need more answers. So many clues have come to light and left unanswered or unexplored. I mean they have never really fully figured out the how Vivian with the red coat mystery. I have read all the books and I know the author works similar but at least all the little mysteries are tied up in each book. The big secrets obviously are kept longer to draw you in but she doesn't bring up a million and one mysteries and answers just one. I really think this was the best episode thus far in Season 3 now let's get a few answers!!

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think i know who A is (Spoilers)

The only times I have ever thought any of the girls might be A way in the first couple of book and that was Spencer! As far as the series I would hope none of the 4 girls is A. I really don't think they are but I have seen a lot of Aria or Spencer is A talk and theories. I like the idea that A is more of a team makes all the events more possible. The writer's could still throw in the whole evil twin plot at us (I mean we never did find out if it was Ally & not a twin posing as Vivian). I don't really see what the motive would be for any of the main gilrs to black mail the other 3 and themselves. I get why Mona did. I also get that they each had their own issues with Ally and her holding their secrets over their heads. That being said the 4 main girls are all victims of Ally not each other. So why by then A? Why torture friends that were bullied by the same person and did not help her do it! Makes no sense to me! If the writer's throw a curve ball at us and make any one of the 4 girls A I would be so shocked and disappointed because their motive would be probably be something far fetched and ridiculous!! Just my opinion!!

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