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Sad Professor

Too bad about the professor. I thought he knew about Annie in the CIA because they would have interviewed him as part of her vetting process. Interesting plot twist, this. Does this mean (possibly 2 great stories in a row including 'Welcome...') the writers are awake now?


Episode was terrific. Ben was back, but don't get your hopes up, Ben haters; he's not gone. Annie hasn't kicked him to the curb, but parked him for a while. The doc is boring, and she'll realize that, plus he's with Drs. Without Borders so guess what? He'll disappear, just like Mercer. Lawson's supposed to be in only one more episode, so maybe the doc will at least get to say goodbye, but I wouldn't count on any long term affair with this one. Plus, CA has more love interests for Annie in the pipeline.
Annie definitely has to decide if Mercer is worth the trouble, so she was smart not to go with him. If the rest of her prospective lovers are as boring as this big lug of a Dr., the daring, impetuous and hot Mercer will win out in the end. We'll have to see if he'll man up and fight for her.
It was great to see Henry and Jai, conspiring or not conspiring together, and great to see the Campbells as the happy couple.
Always fun stuff when Mercer is around. Too bad he's not around more.

Welcome to the Occupation

To kcg,
I agree completely; see some of the 'Where's Ben?' posts on the CA message board to see how a lot of us feel about the writers ignoring him so far this season. He's probably aware that Annie knows the CIA took him out of Walter Reed, but he's sensitive to the fact that he hasn't gotten in touch with her. (Again, writers, why not?) He may have said something to piss her off; we'll learn more tomorrow. During the filming of this episode, Bailey commented that Mercer is a 'one woman man', so I doubt that his comment involved marriage.