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Sons of Anarchy Review: The Wrong Choice

'll start by saying this, I began watching the show during the middle of last season and I fell head over heels in love, went out and bought seasons 1-3, and have watched each season about 3-5 times now. The show is brilliant, Kurt is brilliant.
Now enough of professing my love for the show... I'll address Gemma first. I truly believe that she's gone off her rocker... but who can blame her? She's always been driven by her need to protect her family, but Clay defied everything she believed in and still found ways to get in and nearly tear it all apart... AND HE'S STILL THERE. I don't think she attacked Ashley Tisdale's character because she still has something for Clay, I think it's more of her being so exhausted by Clay that she just can't control her anger any more. Now, there might be more to this.. but I really don't see it being her having feelings and being "jealous" rather than just her being tired of Clay purposefully hurting her and not being able to do anything about it.
Opie being the one to die began to make more and more sense to me, especially after Jax told him the truth about EVERYTHING. At that point, I kinda expected him to be the one to throw himself in.. because, well, what else does he have left? The club itself has brought so much pain to the poor man, and he even said he "doesn't think he knows how to love anything" anymore. As heartbreaking as Opie's death was (and when I say heartbreaking, I mean I was sobbing and unable to sleep last night because that's all I could think about), I do believe it was 100% necessary to push Jax to get the club through all the terrible shit it's going through.
I'll finish with this - I hope and pray this isn't going to push Jax to become the next, and maybe worse, version of Clay... I have so much hope that he'll end his reign in the right way and not become such a ruthless leader. I'll still be watching SOA every Tuesday night, as long as it doesn't give me a heart attack.