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Video: Dan and Blair on Gossip Girl Set

I agree Nicole!! Leighton is doing her job just like the rest of us in the world so I think she has every right to be like that!! Because she really is doing her job as an actress!!


Here is a producers preview!! Some big secrets are going to get out!! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v...


I'm happy Riana dumped Chuck's ass!! That girl knew he was bad news and didn't get suckered in to his pity party excuse!! I actually like Riana!! She is a human and has common sense!!

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The premiere ia always a parallel connected to the finale... remember that.

Yes I love this Idea too. :D

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Blair's Baby - Who's the Daddy?

I think this sl sucks!! It is the possible worst sl you could do to a character (who btw has grown so much). I'm sad. what a great way to destory a 4 season growth. She isn't even ready to be a wife (SHE IS 20 YEARS OLD). I am upset not because I'm a dairshipper (which I am). I don't even care who the father is because she shouldn't be pregnant in the first place. :(

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Spoiler from Writers re: Dan (Spoilers)

This spoiler is good because it does not contain anything about Chair in it...

then why did you click on it when it said spoiler about Dan? I actually am excited for Dan's book sl and Penn is finally getting back to be a leading character in this series. I have always been a fan of Dan so I am happy he is finally getting his chance to shine and I don't think that this sl arc will be a 2 episodes I think it will be a season long sl.

I doubt Vanessa will give it to Blair (as much as I ship Dair) I don't think that will happen. I don't want it to be something stupid though maybe she gave the book to Georgina or something and when Georgina comes back (I think she will with her working together with Ivy/Charlie) she will be the one to out Dan's book to the UES.

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