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btw i really like how the writers casted Bldwin as Serena's father. you can see a bit of resembalance in the chin area. good on them rather than catsin some random dude. lol!


Blair & Chuck - wanna see what the writers do with them. They were getting pretty old...missed bitch B.

S & N - so glad they are back together and N used his brain instead of his balls.

J - hmmmm. I like a bitch, it spices things up. J & N would nevr have worked tho (already tried and failed) plus that relatioship would have started on nothing but lies aand deception. What would happe when N realised?. Besides, we ll know N loves S we're all just waiting to hear him confess it to her :)

Chuck - always acted a bit gay to me. wants to see what happens next.

D & V - who???? oh yeah them...V can leave, she is gross in the book and on the tv show. so boring wont ven waste my tears.


Serena is sooo sneaky & dumb!! I mean I love Serena, but seriously? Her dad just magically comes back into the picture after years of being away? Not likely, there is an ulterior motive to this. And in the last episode he said he wanted to meet with her but couldn't because of her mother.. BULLS**T!! lol...

I have to agree that Serena is being too trusting towards Mr. VD. As for her reasons, they do say love is blind. She's the one who's been searching for her dad and wanting a relationship with him. Maybe she just wants it so bad that she can't see anything else. Like all of a sudden Lily's results came in when VD is about to be axed. lol!

I won't be surprised at how confused S must be. I mean she gets hit with the lies from Lily & Daddy Dearest!
Let's just wait and se who S actually tells to fight...hten i'll get mad.

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I Will Always Love You ending

I have to agree with GGIMCM. NAte was always calmer when he was with Serena and no we was not always doped up.On the contrary, he always, always purposefully doped himself up before he saw Blair. Can't blame him though she is the Drama Queen


just clearing up the facts you know

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