I'm 21! I model a bit.. love the sun water & life! and looking for the one who knows the right things to do and say with my confusing and ongoing banter of moods, but dont worry im always happy lol i guess in short looking for my mr right...

true romance =)

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Nate & Jenny the best storyline being told thus far. Nates gone for the cougers before, now lets see if he goes for the cubs as well haha Jenny is hot, and I must say so much hotter than Serena. Not keeping this whole thing on just looks but what does Serena have going for her? She's an heiress, so is Jenny now i suppose but she has a job & knows what she wants, and as we've seen before Jenny will do anything to get what she wants!
As i said before Nate is Jennys Knight in Shining armor!
They are meant to be together. Serena has been so confused on who she wanted to be with she doesnt deserve Nate, he was her last choice. She's a little slow if you ask me.


4. Do you like Jenny? Jenny is my fave character! She is so much more interesting than Serena. Jenny is'nt evil, shes just a young teen getting a man she wants. face it thou Jenny is growing up and shes making her own decisions now.. she knows what she wants and what she wants is Nate! I mean who wouldnt want him hes dreamy and taken, a challenge is always fun. and Nate and Jenny do have history! Despite the fact that when they first kissed Nate thinking it was Serena. But even so, Nate has always been Jenny's Knight in shining armor. Their story line is the reason this show is keeping everything so interesting. As for Chair.. Their story in this whole thing has gotten to be boring, are they going to be together are they not? and finally they are the perfect couple yay.. and now again but for the first time Blair leaves Chuck.. thinking of what hes done wrong. I think where they are going with this storyline is Chuck repeating the past of his fathers. Of why his mother left his father.. was it because of Jack? Is that why they supposably "hated" each other? because Jack held something over Chucks fathers head that led him to do the same thing Chuck had to do? I'm not sure but it is interesting to see what will happen. Hoping Chuck goes back to his old ways, because a committed Chuck is'nt the real Chuck Bass, Now is it? Every show comes to it's bumps. (OC for example, I loved the show but it became horrible after the 2nd season) What People need to do is go back to what made it so good and stop making it so safe and comfortable. I mean everyone in GG has slept with each other! I'm guessing Rufus and Vannessa are next haha (gross!)
I feel Serena needs to be put in her place! She isnt the Dreamy girl every one wants anymore! not like shes really old but its Jennys turn to be the hot young vixen, and Nate will be the ticket to her rise! Cant wait for the next episode!
Kelly =)