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90210 Caption Contest: Volume XVI

Nevid:Really Adrianna...you had to jump my start reporter too??? I got game too :(

90210 Season Finale Promo

Since when was Jenn pregnant????

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Adrianna and Gia?!?

I'm from Kenya and seeing stiuff like this is really wierd. i just got one question to ask...how comes The CW website not work in Kenya...just wondering so they could change that so i can see them kissing, i'm still in season two when Annie finds out that Jasper know about her killing the uncle. i've read a bit about this season on wikipedia so i decided to check out who Gia was and i was shocked to find out with is red head...she doesnt seem like a lesbian at all...i thought she has a crush on Nevid concidering that she said that "your boyfreind is gr8". I really want to see these episodes

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