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Psych Giveaway: A Toaster and A Snuggie!

Lots of Lassie moments I loved, but from this season I'd have to say Lassie in "Last Night Gus" was hilarious. I mean, come on, he shot a giant donut! LMAO! And every time I put on my sunglasses now, I think of Lassie yelling at Jules in the morgue "You put some sunglasses on!" :)


Alas, I believe Gus will be the first to be locked up in the looney bin. A lifetime of being BFFs with Shawn Spencer is enough to drive anyone crazy. Gus can only take so many asinine aliases assigned to him and nonsensical "Gus, don't be a" orders before he finally snaps, and he's reaching his breaking point. You know that's right. Add to that his serious efforts in hunting down the elusive Hashtag Killer, while Shawn remains silly and sassy throughout the search. It's amazing Gus hasn't already developed an addiction to any of the pharmaceuticals he sells...although one has to wonder what he was taking to have come up with Tap Man as a superhero. Awww, good ol' Gus. His cholesterol is really high and he's cracking up. Nevertheless, we shall support Gus and send him plenty of pineapples during his stay in the #Psych ward, as we know he is a fan of delicious flavor.

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