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Here is my hypothesis regarding the mid-season finale. I think the Dan,realizing that Blair cannot or does not return his feelings, decides to do what he can to give her happiness;i.e setting up a meeting with Chuck. Chuck and Blair end up in the limo, Paparazzi hungry for royal wedding related gossip pursue the two of them. Blair FINALLY, FINALLY confesses her love for chuck and tells him that HE is actually the father of her child (its been told that we will find out the paternity for sure before the time jump, and since this is the last episode it only makes sense). Then, the paparazzi cause an accident in which both Blair and chuck are injured and Blair looses the baby. They are very upset and Blair-in her confusion and despair- takes it as some sort of sign that her and Chuck were never meant to happen and she returns to the prince. Chuck, haunted with the loss of the child he barely had a chance to comprehend, lets her go. -insert cliff hanger ending with a cut to black-


I like when Rachels like "Hope my boyfriend dont mind it" and the camera scans to Finn, so obviously NOT minding it xD


Okay...There BETTER be more than meets the eye when it comes to these promos. Here, this week chuck FINALLY takes some steps to move forward with his life, now here he is, back to kissing Blair and making lame excuses to Nate.
If thats all there is to this than any progress hes made feels cheap and weak on the writers part. Chuck NEEDS to have a storyline outside of this Blair angst bulls*it or hes never going to be believable as a character again, let alone someone I could cheer for in the competition for Blairs heart.

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Favorite couple??

I will always have a soft spot for St.Berry, and with Jesse's return in the near future, I think that it will be revisited, at least from the perspective of "Finn isnt a long term love, youre going off to be a star and hes a lima-loser, you need to be with someone whose star is going to shine as bright as yours." angle. I think this is especially likely considering that the writers have said that Finns lack of future plans was going to be a central conflict for the couple.


That being said.

I love finchel. My all time favorite episode was 'Hello', when Finn FINALLY (finally) realized that he needed to fight for rachel and he sang 'Jesse's girl'.  Seasons later, I still believe in them.


I dont understand how anyone can ship Finn/Quinn. Yes, their names ryhme, but COME ON. Finn is just to dense and Quinn is just to evil.

I think that Quinn should end up single. Its like Puck said, she needs to work on her self. If and when she reaches a point where shes not grade A psycotic, I think that Quick could be revisited. Just not right away.

As for Puck, at least for now I ship Buck (Beth and Puck). I want to see him step back and focus on whats important; maintaining his place in his daughters life.

Besides that, I have to say Im excited to see what they do with Samcedes, now that this ship is getting a really chance.

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There's one thing I'm confused about...

Yeah, they sort of threw that out entirely because based on his reaction, he forgot about it too. xD

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ask ausiello - whaaat?! (Spoilers)

Because they want to keep us waiting until the chair wedding that will be the series finale.


If they want to take a detour to dair-ville on the way, I'm fine with it. We all know who's endgame.

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