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I'm still praying they don't kill him off but if the next three episodes after indicate it seems he does but I'm still praying that Shane just leads them there without the map afterall it has been stated by him he knows the location of the cure so yeah still hoping

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The Originals Spin Off

I think the spn-off show will work, everyone loves the orginals and it would be good to look deeper into their past. Joseph Morgan is a great actor and now Daniel Gillies is being added as a regular it's getting even more interesting. I'm also postietve that Nate and Claire along with the rest of the actors in the orginal family will appear.

There are so many things they can explore with the spin off...like how bad Klaus chiildhood was...it show us snipplets in TVD but it would be good to dig deeper into it. 

I will miss Klaroline it was my favourite shipping in the entire show but I am gong to give the spin-off a go because you can't realy say something will work out or not until it actually air. It might surprise you and surpass TVD completely or it will be a total bust we can never know.


So at the moment I'm excited and praying it works out but if not I'm sure the orginals will always have a place on TVD 

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