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Chuck and Blair have come up with the most convoluted asinine reasons for not being together over and over again. If they can't sustain a relationship while achieving their mutual goals then they don't have what it take to sustain a mature relationship. On top of that, I find their relationship, until this season, bordering on abusive. The fact that so many people find this to be romantic and label it as passion, is disturbing. Much like the ladies who tweeted that they would , "let Chris Brown hit them anytime because he is so hot". Makes me worried for this world. I know I'm in the minority but Blair's relationship with Dan brought out the best in both of them (though Blair had a few Micheal Scott-like moments). It was based on things that real world relationships are often based on. Intelligence, mutual interests and hey...respect. Then again the Season 5 finale threw all sense of character development out the window. Regardless of my unpopular opinion, I think Chair fans will ultimately get what they want. It's a prime-time soap opera and I suppose no one would be interested in a group of people who were emotionally balanced and made intelligent decisions. Not much drama in that I suppose. Oh well...at least I have about 5 or 6 episodes from the latter half of Season 5.

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