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After seeing the look Calder gave Auggie about his "boss", I knew he was not a bad guy....he knew something else was up, which is why he did not take Auggie in right away and gave Annie the benefit of the doubt. He's no fool, a bit OCD on Annie & co., but it will be interesting to see how he handles Henry when he goes back. I loved when he was on radio silence and as he waited for Annie, was like "come on,come on...", I'm disappointed about Teo, he was a fresh addition to the team, a great character. I mean he was the Puma for god's sake, but so sad & lonely too, & he could have had some fun missions w/Annie.& what happened to "a son for a son"? Henry did not even mention it when he visited Arthur, which was weird, as he threatened him, with it, & all he talked about was his did it feel to be locked up?!

Covert Affairs Review: Vengeance

I thought Lena killed Jai! That is why this whole Henry Wilcox thing makes no sense, didn't Jai turn him in? I know that Arthur knew why and Jai knew and gave him up. I don't know why he was in jail for treason, but Arthur had a something to do w/it, does anyone remember? Henry doesn't care about Jai, he is a sociopath, narcissist and I would say a megalomaniac. As or Teo the show needs more new blood than Calder, it needs a serious injection of new spies

Covert Affairs Review: Friend or Foe?

I just hope they don't kill Teo, he would be a nice addition; we need some fresh, complicated agents around. And my dream would be that in the flash forward, Henry turns around and Teo kills him. I am not sure about Calder, as he is obsessed w/ the Annie/Auggie thing, that's all he seems to do, aren't there other ops & spies around? The obsession is what makes him questionable......I also think that Henry hired that guy to kill the ALC guy, Teo & Annie....3 birds w/1 stone

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