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I thought the show was typical for this time of the season. They saved their best for ratings time. And I like learning about the main characters' back story or non-professional issues. My problem is that I usually find Lisbon's character more convincing than I did in this episode. Of course that could be the writing. How many times can she stand there silent and dumbfounded? I liked learning about hte brother but I feel like we are just skimming the surface on everything--the case, Lisbon's brother and that backstory, Cho being hit by car. The only thing that got plenty of attention was the Rigsby/VP relationship. Maybe too much is going on for the writers to deal with it sufficiently?
My other problem is THERE ISN'T ENOUGH CHO on screen. Let's see, he was hit by a car then he walks into the CBI offices with a cane. That is it??? No funny banter with Jane? No peeved-looking Cho in the hospital? And the accident seemed to contrived--Cho, with all his experience, calls the "perp" by name from across a busy street? unbelievable. Great acting though. The pain of standing was so visible on his face at the end.
Someone suggested that a great arch is coming for Cho, and I hope so, but from what I have seen, it will be a spike . . . not an arch since he has only been on screen to give punch lines (he does get the best ones).
I miss the Cho-Jane banter. BRING BACK THE BROMANCE!!

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