I don't think before i speak but I can be quiet when I want to be. I love The Vampire Diaries, Gossip Girl and Glee and will most likely soon love Hart Of Dixie. I live in Australia but watch my favorite shows after they air in America. I have been deprived of Vampire Diaries for a while and as a result, am now going insane. 

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The Vampire Diaries Caption Contest 68

John: oh just kill me already, it's inevitable.

The Vampire Diaries Caption Contest 68

John: Hey, you mind handing me that knife your clutching?

The Vampire Diaries Caption Contest 68

I know I should feel really uncomfortable right now but then I think, Jeremy sees dead people too and i feel so much better.

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A new song I wrote...please tell me what you think.

I love it. The lyrics are so beautiful and i'm pretty sure alot of people can relate to them. I can't wait to listen to the finished product if you make one. :) 


just wondering if you've written any other songs?

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Best TV Shows Of All Time

The Vampire Diaries.

the OC was one of my favorite shows when i was little and i still watch it now and again for a laugh.


Gossip Girl.

One Tree Hill seasons 1-6 had a lot of things going for them.

Supernatural's first couple of seasons were great but now...

Scrubs, Big bang theory and how i met your mother. 

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what will happen to Katherine in season 03?

this is what i imagine to happen:

Klaus and Stefan will probably find her close to the start of the season... she is kinda predictable now and it will be easy for the two, now working together to find her. I picture them to use her then dump her in a werehouse (maybe where all the originals are) that she is compelled not to exit. They will use her as they please for information or help and when she is no use to Klaus, he will order Stefan to kill her.


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