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Gossip Girl Caption Contest 52

Dan: Check it out Vanessa
Vanessa: What is it?
Dan: Look how completely irrelevant we always were!!


srry for all my typos ... got a bum fingr .. :S


Just a quick mention on the scene where paparazzi are surrounding S and B as they leave brunch .. I love how B stays out and gives a quick little pose for the paps! .... Little J, you sneaky bitch! LOL! Jenny = Gossip Girl. At least thats what I think. GG called Dan the "ultimate insider" hmmmm?, not mention everything GG had are all things only 1 person would know (or overhear [ie: Thin Line Between Chuck and Nate] ) ... Im glad Dan told S they wouldnt be friends anymore ... he's LAME and as far as I care he should be removed from the show completely, him and Vanessa, Vanessa's kind of a bitch and I hate the way she and Dan acted at the party right after graduation ... Little J and Rufus are the only mildly interesting Humphreys ... I LOVED the Lily/Rufus dialogue
Rufus: "Whats in the bag?"
Lily: "Something I found in Chucks room"
Rufus: "Well then I bet it's good!" THE BEST/FUNNIEST DIALOGUE IN THE SHOW!!!! I also loved when Eleanor tells Blair "dont let him get away with it!" Also
Blair: [to Chuck anout V] "Like you didn't do that with the dregs of Dumbo!"
LMAO! And it was kind of like "who gives a ****" when Vanessa says "Im standing right here" ... uhhhhh okay ... and? .... I hate her!! I hope/know therell be some good drama with the Chuck/Blair, I cannot wait to see whats gonna happen with those 2 nexy season. Im really excited about Scott coming into the picture and I cant wait to see what kind of storyline the writers come up with for him!!