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Necessary Roughness Review: "Baggage Claim"

I had also wondered if Juliette was actually Nico's daughter, but she is too old to be a product of a "15 year" indiscretion. Gabrielle said that she made a mistake and married the wrong man, which suggested that she knew Nico before she got married and chose Pittman over him. She also said that she had been thinking about Nico for 20 years, so Juliette could still be Nico's daughter if Gabrielle got pregnant before the marriage. There is also the discrepancy between the 20 years and Nico's 15 years--not sure what happened in those five years. I am a bit disappointed that he helped her cheat on her husband, no matter how awful Marshall Pittman is, but I am not sure what other ungentlemanly behavior he could have been referring too. Still, he almost seemed to be telling her that there were two times, and I would think she would know that. I saw more chemistry between Matt and Dani than before, and I was glad to see him doing more than lusting after her. Still, I think Dani and Nico is a just more dramatically interesting, and I also don't think Matt is right for Dani long-term. But they do have to directly address and resolve the Matt/Dani storyline.