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The angels drowning their sorrows at a bar was hilarious and just perfect. I was glad to see the beginning of the war from the angel side, although once again Gabriel was showing poor judgment. He seems to be perpetually nearsighted, unwilling to even try to see the big picture. A few episodes ago, Michael asked Gabriel why, when they all suffer the loss of father, he is the only one who went batshit crazy, and I would like an answer to that. Gabriel's attachment to Michael is also just plain unhealthy, and I do not understand why he is so dependent, twins or not. I expect in the finale Alex will astound by performing a mass eviction, which will likely make no sense. I also expect either Noma or Claire will die, and right now my money is on Claire. At least twice, she or someone said something about her not dying, which is a pretty good sign that she will. Maybe her dyad-dad will do it. The previews showed her meeting him next week. I am discounting Riesen taking over Vega again, so that would leave David in charge finally if he can get over the fact that he killed William (again), whose whole arc this season seems pointless at the moment. If not David, then Arika, but I can't imagine David would let even a kinder, gentler Arika just assume control of his city. If Claire doesn't die, I hope Alex actually expresses his feelings to someone, rather than just hanging on whichever woman is there at the moment like he has been doing since returning to Vega. As far as ratings, while I have been critical of the quality of the show, I blame scheduling almost completely. The show returned in mid-July right before prime vacation time and then ratings picked up a lot after Labor Day, both live and live+3 and +7 day. The Thursday, 10pm time slot is just awful, too. It has shown that it can still be one of Syfy's highest rated original series, so I really hope that they renew it and schedule it better next year.


I overall enjoyed this episode and felt more engaged throughout than has been happening this season. I was really happy to see most of the actors get a chance to stretch and have some fun. I love this show and really hope it gets renewed, but the writing is so terribly uneven, I get why people aren't watching. By and large, this show has a good, quality cast, but with the exception of Alex, whose gotten better material now that he is hanging out with the angels, all the humans have been stuck in thankless roles with poorly developed storylines and irrational behavior. Is the material for the angels written by a different team than the material for the humans? Even Michael's material is better when he is on his own or with other angels than when he is in Vega. I think that is why it can get annoying when the action switches back and forth from one locale to another. That happens in every show, but in Dominion, it means cutting from something interesting and enjoyable, to something that is neither. I really do not understand the inconsistency, The show also has too many threads dangling at once. With some shows, I feel that the writers have a grand plan and so everything is
important to the story in the long-term, even if that is not apparent at the time, but here it feels like they are
just throwing spaghetti at the wall to see what sticks. And the writers simply have not shown they can balance so many stories at once. While they have done well developing Gabriel (who was become a very sympathetic character) and that part of the story, Alex's tattoos still make almost no sense. They move, he gets new ones
randomly (and fails to mention that to anyone), and even though they know this, no one ever thinks to look at them on a regular basis. And now we've got Lucifer somewhere, about to make an appearance. I would like to see the crazy William and Arika stories resolved as quickly as possible. The political and personal machinations of William, Arika, and even David, are little more than unwelcome distractions at this
point. Sure, there has to be some action in Vega, but they need to tighten it up. Okay, now that I have vented, the tattoos obviously played a role in Alex being able to close the Amphora, but interesting thought on him being a nephilim. If Michael is the father, however, he seems to either not know or not see it as relevant. I find it hard to believe he wouldn't know, but despite the fact that Michael becomes attached to particular humans, he clearly doesn't experience emotional connections in the way humans do. So, being Alex's father might simply not be important as far as Michael is concerned. And now that I think of it, I seem to remember a discussion between Michael and that Senator early last season that mentioned pregnancy because he was sleeping with her and who knows who else? I think Michael was feeling irresponsible. I also may just be thinking of a thought I had at the time and not something that was actually said; I am not sure. Finally, a couple of random thoughts. I loved how earlier this season, Gabriel was advocating the use of the Amphora as a more merciful end to Sodom and Gomorrah, but as Michael referenced at the end, it is anything but. Also, I thought Noma sacrificing her wings was a great turn for that character, and I would like it explored more, but I want her to get her wings back eventually. She and Alex are far better together than Claire and Alex, IMO.

Necessary Roughness Review: "Baggage Claim"

I had also wondered if Juliette was actually Nico's daughter, but she is too old to be a product of a "15 year" indiscretion. Gabrielle said that she made a mistake and married the wrong man, which suggested that she knew Nico before she got married and chose Pittman over him. She also said that she had been thinking about Nico for 20 years, so Juliette could still be Nico's daughter if Gabrielle got pregnant before the marriage. There is also the discrepancy between the 20 years and Nico's 15 years--not sure what happened in those five years. I am a bit disappointed that he helped her cheat on her husband, no matter how awful Marshall Pittman is, but I am not sure what other ungentlemanly behavior he could have been referring too. Still, he almost seemed to be telling her that there were two times, and I would think she would know that. I saw more chemistry between Matt and Dani than before, and I was glad to see him doing more than lusting after her. Still, I think Dani and Nico is a just more dramatically interesting, and I also don't think Matt is right for Dani long-term. But they do have to directly address and resolve the Matt/Dani storyline.