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Wow. I'm bored already just from the title. I personally don't give a damn whether Alicia and Will play hookie to have sexy lunches. The show is bordering on Grey's Anatomy ridiculous with all that cliche stuff.
Could we get back to more interesting stories? And I don't mean get Cary and Kalinda to date either. Just interesting characterization that has nothing to do with who is sleeping (or not) with whom. It'd be nice to see Diane once in a while and to learn a little about Kalinda.
Will is boring me to tears and Alicia is just as boring when she's with him.


Agreed on worst character. Blake was ridiculous but then the huge casting mistake reduced the character to whatever Porter was capable of playing, which isn't much.
Alicia is finding her footing again after a tepid season.
Nine Hours was by far the best episode of the season with compelling storytelling and great characterization without going into over the top romance or political maneuvering.
Totally disagree on the the last two though. The campaign storyline was a mess and boring as they come. I might have been spoiled by the West Wing but that was a thoroughly uninteresting look into the behind the scenes of a campaign (or rather the underbelly since everything was about personal attacks and idiotic flyers, videos and the likes). The overall absence of the candidates (Peter and Childs) and overbearing presence of Eli Gold (never fully developed into a character despite the romance snoozefest with America Ferrera, cartoonish pie-in-the face comedy scenes etc...) didn't make things better. Not connected enough to the core characters.
As for Willicia, I don't know what that is but if it means more of the Grey's Anatomy scenes we got in the finale. Color me not interested. At all. And more Cary? I've seen enough. If he could get under a bus, I wouldn't bat an eyelashes. He's getting more one-dimensional every second, it's painful.
Kudos on writing a whole article about the Good Wife without mentioning Panjabi and Baranski. I'll take them over Cary, Cumming and the Willicia cliches any day.

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