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Scandal Season 2 Report Card: A+

I think the hot and cold relationship between Fitz and Olivia needs to stop, you need to establish if they are in and out cos in a real relationship, no couples can take this much hit, so either you're in or you're out and it's getting tiring to see one or the other throwing the other out everytime they are back together. I would like to see them together more than apart cos apparently there is a chemistry between them that they can't deny. I think it'll be great if Season 3 has them together and stick together for once but provide challenges to them along the way in the relationship..as a COUPLE..like Olivia's plan says, it'll take some time before they can introduce Olivia as Fitz girlfriend. So let them be together and provide all the resistance from the 3rd parties..Mellie, Cyrus, the father etc. You already started it with the press finding out about their affair, so throw them back together somehow and let them work together to either diffuse it or admit it.