Hii (: I'm a Chair fan. I think they're the cutest. Like Jenny  w/o her bitchinesss but w/ all her rebelness (: Like Serena. LOVE Lily & Rufuss. Wish Serenate would be given a chance. Hate Jenny & Nate together (n). Miss the old Blair & Chuck :( Chuck voice is orgasmicc <333 Dan Humphrey is cute sexyy! (: (starting S3) Vanessa is not. and ofc big fan of Gossip Girl <33 no matter what I wont give upp on the show.
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Serena or Blair: Who Would You Rather ...

Serena (:


I always saw them becoming a couple sooner or later :\

Gossip Girl Round Table: "The Freshmen"

1. I loved all those quotes, especially Blair's reaction to Dan being a writer. LMAO
2.Scott, I mean ofc I do not trust Georgina, but I least I know her motives - to make Blair's life a living hell. Scott on the other hand I am not sure about which makes me more skeptical about him.
3. Chucks meeting in the club was a little unrealistic, it was not so bad but compared to the rest my vote goes to Chuck & his meetings.
4. LOL I kind of feel bad that they are always rating his uselessness but then again it is true. I would give her a 5. GET A STORYLINE GIRL !
5. Dan & Geor-gi-na is... different. I wouldn't say SOO HOT, but I wouldn't say SOO NOT either.
Like: Seeing Blair & Chuck all romantic and what not :)
Dislike: Blair losing her popularity & power to Georgina :(