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At first I couldn't stand Erin bc she was rude and always trying to split the team up...But after Morgan caught her drinking and Hotch made her get treatment she turned herself around and was there more for the team...so in that respect I will miss her and mourn her death...I am glad my original team is back...I love everyone of your characters(especially u Dr.Spencer Reid:)[love to hear you talk)and gaze upon your gorgeous face...ok getting off track lol...Each one of you bring something special..loving..funny..heart warming..real and whatnot to our show...I have never loved a show much as CM..I just.wish Emily will come home..I love you guys...and I anxiously awaits for my CM DVD in the mail...I ordered it so I can watch everyone from beginning to end bc of my work shedule I always miss the shows:(that's why I have every episode...one Thur seven...yes I support my favorite TV show and I love you.biz...thanks again all of you for returning

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