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i agree it would suck if mer and der leave i mean there the main characters here,but i notice this past season 7 the whole season was basically about callie and arizona and mer and der were in the back.i guess they been through everything now they are now going to embark in there future towards the baby and likely having alzimers.i guess if they well take them out it should be something understandable like her derick having to take care of his daughter and having his wife being treated for her problem. andthe cristiana owen thing am sure her problem is she is scared to love, thats her biggest thing always letting herself fall in love am sure she will come to terms, but i mean she dosent then i would really like her to be either alone or with sombody without any exceptions for her. and as for shonda already giving us head up on the end of the orginal cast, which leaves lexi, mark, avery, april and callie and arizona and teddy and owen. it would suk.like all good things it must come to end i just hope its a end we can all agree not having sombody die off the show. that would be just gay.i honestly dont know about alex i mean he has been the guy who cant get a break with any girl i mean izzy was the 1 he should be with,i hope katherine can at least get back in the show at least for 1 season and get pregant and have them live a happy relationship. and for burke coming back aint happing i mean he left cause of partick both fighting. i think for sure george should come back as a ghost or something that would be assume.

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