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Becca -- people are on about Katherine being about to get in the salvatore house. Sure, she used to be allowed in, but she was already Klaus's captive when the boys signed the house over to Elena -- ergo, starting again with a clean slate on which vamps are invited in (as we've seen with Stefan, Damon and Elijah all having to be invited back in.) Katherine hasn't been invited in since then, so it is a plot hole, it's would seem.


I'm still holding out for Stefan's badness to be at least a bit of an act. After all, he's been back on the people blood for quite a while now, if doing so gradually, surely it can't have as much of an effect on him as it used to? I'm glad that storyline allowed us to reach the end of of Damon's "search for humanity" though. It was getting a bit old. Can we have sarky but good Damon instead of mopey, 'my way or no way' Damon next season now, please?

And I wondered about Bonnie's spell for Jeremy -- funny how she didn't think of using that one as a way to save Elena the episode before, isn't it? Can't way to see what's going to happen with that, though: beyond awesome to see the return of Anna, even if she does only turn out to be a ghost or something!

And finally... Elijah: if no one finds a way to get him outta that coffin within the first couple episodes of season 3 I will. not. be. happy. I think he's been one of the most compelling characters this season and Daniel Gillies is just a great actor. we need him outta there and kicking his brothers ass for real this time. Maybe he and Stefan can team up and both pretend to be working for Klaus while actually plotting his downfall.