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Who is TV's best teen couple?

I voted for my OTP the epic Chuck and Blair! Happy Limoversary!


Dan and Blair just do not have what it takes to carry this show. I think the writers expected them to carry the emotional, dramatic burden that Chuck and Blair, Serena and Blair or Dan and Serena back in S1 once carried. But sorry. DB look so weak compared to those other pairings. The writers need to go back to the frenemies vibe they used to have because that loft scene fell very flat for me. It's not the actors either because both Leight and Penn are good but their chemistry isn't half as compelling as the chemistry between Ed and Leight, Blake and Leight or Blake and Penn back in S1. The lighter scenes were much better. (Frankly, that's where Dan and Blair really shine as a relationship - light funny scenes where they banter. Not dramatic ones.) I enjoyed the LA scenes and Chuck, Nate and Serena's dynamic. It actually had me smiling. Nate and Serena were cute as can be. Happy Serena is no longer being a flake. I hope Nate really does get a good story this season (you promised Safran). I was surprised by how much I loved Chuck's scenes in the premiere. I thought the whole "no ability to feel" stuff would be corny and overly melodramatic but it was kind of fun and well done. I like the pregnancy surprise. I have no doubt it's Chuck's baby. Blair and Chuck let one another go but the writers don't want to sever that connection. So there ya go: Baby Bass

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