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American Horror Story Review: Murder House

The house was in ruins in 1978. Little Addy was in front of the house. Where was constance living at that time? She was in the house in 1983 and moved next door in 1994. How long after Larry moved in the same year did he discover Beau, fall in love with Constance and murder her son? His wife and daughters were not aware of a chained human in their attic?


Does anyone think Rubber Suit is Charles and Nora's Frakenstein baby. As a living dead creature he may be able to reproduce life. His "parts" still work. What ghosts have we seen so far who can complete sex despite their desire except perhaps Moira with Ben? I can't find episode one anywhere to watch it again so I don't remember if Ben has sex with her or is it interrupted.


@Debb that is really funny and would add an entirely new dimension to Constance if she was serving up Addy. I don't think so but it would add a bit more black humor to the show. I agree Tate and Violet have a "Twilight" like relationship, except it works here. The characters have more depth and are believable in a typical teen angst sort of way.

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