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So it was great seeing an O'Malley back on the show, brought back some sad memories! However, why is this season so focused on Hennry and Teddy!?! I still do not like them and see no relevance to them on the show! The ending ment nothing to me! What I did like was when Alex talks about Izzie and how everyone have changed! Yes, they have changed but that still doesn't mean that him and Izzie are still supposed to be together! I also liked Mer and Bailey talking in the ER, especially when telling her O'Malley was her favorite! I mean she named her son after him, of course he was her favorite! What I'm unsure about is this season! What's going on with Yang and Hunt, something needs to happen soon! I don't like the fact that they are married and completely unhappy with each other! They need to work things out or end it, preferably where Hunt leaves! Mer and Derek, please please please let them go back to loveing eachother like there is no tomorrow! I can't take this love each other hate each other thing going on! April, as of now is of no meaning to the show,simple as that! And Lexie Lexie Lexie, now that you have lost Jackson figure out what you want before you go back to Mark, or beg for Jackson back! BTW!!!!! Next week looks intense! Maybe the season will really get rolling now!

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