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new promo for the last 5 episodes (Spoilers)

Regardless of whether Dair happens or not, to me the beauty of Dair is that it puts sure things into question and re-establishes the dynamic that no one dares to challenge (pun intended).

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Dare to Dair?

Her face doesn't look like Serena and I don't think it looks like Blair's body either. I think it's Charlie.

But nobody says they will have sex ! Maybe he will stop (or something happens that makes the sex session stop) before going too far.

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new promo for the last 5 episodes (Spoilers)

As Penn has said in the past, expect the unexpected.

I wish I could stay as optimistic as you are ! But for some reasons sometimes the unexpected is actually expected and sometimes the unexpected ends up being a Chuck/Jenny making out. But you're right who knows...We'll just have to wait and see then.
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