I live in England. Not the greatest of places, but I guess it's home.

I'm an American at heart, I really am.

You could probably say whatever you wanted about England, and I wouldn't care. America on the other hand, I defend the place as though it's my own country.

I'm a huge Grey's fan, obviously.

Derek and Meredith are love.

I write fan fictions, but I'm not the greatest.


That's the page. Four stories in the works. Three Grey's based ones.

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Are Mark and Lexie Done on Grey's Anatomy?

They need to get back together. Mark and Lexie are love. Seriously, I hate them not being together. I hate her being with Alex even more though. He should be with Izzie, Mark and Lexie should be together. Plain and simple.


I love Mark and Lexie too. Ever since Lexie started on Grey's, I've liked her. And somehow, I think that her and Mark are a really perfect match. I don't want this to be anything major and even if they don't break up now, that Shonda decides to do it in the future. I've rooted for Mark and Lexie from the beginning and I hope they stay together, I really do.


That man makes my heart skip a beat every time I see a picture!