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The episode was just AMAZING !!! About the cliffhager, OMG WHAT THE HELL IS GOIN'ON ?? It's a wonderful idea to make come back the two ex gilrfrinends. Bonnie is going to be happy about that LOL It makes me think about Ghost Whisperer. Elena kissed Damon, it was short but beautiful. I would have liked seeing Tyler.

Glee Episode Promo: Who Dies?

No idea about who is going to die. And the promo does not help at all


OMG Poor Caroline !!! I love her and her evolution. She didn't deserve what happened to her. And Tyler who didn't react in font of her. I'm so disappointed about his behaviour. Ok, he is angry because she lied to him because she wanted to protect him. She helped him during his transformation... I hope Tyler will change his mind. AND I HATE JULES AND HER FRIEND !!!! Uncle John, never trust him. And I don't understand why he wants to help Katherien whereas she cut his fingers --' Damon, he is having a existential crisis with her new distraction. Just a question of time before he kills her...